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Dodging Prison & Stealing Witches Wiki is a fanfiction series written by LeadVonE and published on different fanfiction hosting sites.
Hello and welcome to the DP&SW Wiki, the encyclopedia for the fanfiction series, Dodging Prison & Stealing Witches, based on the novel series, Harry Potter, that anyone can edit. Please feel free to contribute to our site and help us complete our goal to build the most informative site for everything related to LeadVonE and his most notable work, DP&SW, online. From all the editors here at the DP&SW Wiki, thank you for your contributions.
We are currently editing over 134 articles and 45 categories since September 14, 2017.

11.05.2018 News:

  • Part one of the wiki rebuild is done. The magical part has been completely categorized. The second part is now the worldbuilding.

08.05.2018 News:

  • Chapter 44 is scheduled for a May release.

15.04.2018 News:

  • The wiki is currently being rebuilt.

01.04.2018 News:

26.03.2018 News:

25.03.2018 News:

18.03.2018 News:

17.03.2018 News:

  • On Sunday March 18th 2018, LeadVonE will publish the first part of chapter 43 on his website This latest chapter neatly divides up into three parts, so rather than hold onto it for another week, LeadVonE decided that we're getting the first part this Sunday, and the remaining two the following weekend. Additionally, as long as all three parts aren't finished, the first part will remain exclusive. Thus you won't be able to find it on and
  • Information on how to access the new chapter will be revealed tomorrow on the Discord server, in the channel #general-news.

11.03.2018 News:

09.03.2018 News:

03.03.2018 News:

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Wiki progress
The wiki just started and is a HUGE work in progress. This front page is at the moment protected from editing and people who want to help, should join the Discord-server. As a general outline all chapters, character and book summaries are written in past tense. Everything else should be in present tense. Any changes towards the Templates should be discussed with Sfu on discord before attempting to do them.
Project Has it been written? Has it been corrected? Are there reference notes?
Chapter summaries Yes No No
Book summaries Yes No No
DP & SW worldbuilding Yes No No
DP & SW magic summary Yes No Yes
Harry Potter Yes No No
Lord Slytherin Being written by sfu No No
Daphne Greengrass Being written by sfu No No
Luna Lovegood No No No
Hermione Granger No No No
Ginny Weasley No No No
Alexandra Black No No No
Tracey Davis No No No
John Potter No No No
The Buccaneers No No No
Lord Voldemort No No No
Albus Dumbledore No No No
Draco Malfoy No No No
Virgo Malfoy No No No
Potter Family No No No
Weasley Family No No No
The Muggleborn No No No
Sirius Black No No No
The Edge Settles No No No
Gilderoy Lockhart No No No
Angelystor No No No
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